Join us for exclusive insights from elite college coaches and athletes.

Get ready for our high-octane panel event that will give you an all-access look into the game-changing power of sports paired with innovative learning. We’re bringing together an MVP lineup of coaches, experts, and elite athletes to spotlight how sports transform not just bodies but minds and characters, too.

You’ll hear from Loreal Sarkisian (Former USC track coach), Jerritt Elliott (UT Volleyball Coach of NCAA Champions 2023), Michael Taaffe (UT Defensive Back and Burlsworth Trophy Nominee), and Ayden Ames (Star Middle-Blocker).

We will be discussing stories and insights on how sports instill the skills needed to excel, not only on the field, but also in life.

Join us June 18th to learn more from this incredible panel. 

Check out our exciting panel of speakers!

Loreal Sarkisian | First Lady of Texas Football

A former collegiate track star and USC coach, now leveraging her athletic prowess to inspire resilience and teamwork as the dynamic "First Lady of Texas Football."

Jerritt Elliott | Championship Architect

Head coach of Texas Longhorns women's volleyball, leading them to three national championships and multiple Final Four appearances, building a powerhouse legacy.

Michael Taaffe | Defensive Playmaker

Texas Longhorns defensive back who rose from walk-on to scholarship player, renowned for his football intelligence and game-changing plays.

Ayden Ames | Star Middle-Blocker

2023-24 Gatorade National Volleyball Player of the Year, leading Prosper High with record-breaking stats, and set to bring her exceptional talent to the University of Texas.

Jamal Gross | Moderator

Alpha School Guide, utilizing NBA coaching experience and AI-driven models to revolutionize education, empowering students with cutting-edge learning strategies.


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Sports are Awesome

We know that through the lens of sports, students can learn resilience, teamwork, leadership, discipline, strategic decision making, and more.

Life Skills
Through Sports

We believe a sports-focused path is invaluable to the development of our students, paving the way for success in both academics and life.

Failure Fuels Success

Sportsmanship is ingrained in our culture and methods, and both wins and losses provide opportunities to champion strong skills and foundations. To us, failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of it.

No Teachers,
Just Game Changers

Our innovative approach allows students to receive personalized guidance and encouragement from our coaches.

All the Bases

We champion the philosophy that a broad foundation in physical education is superior to early specialization in one sport


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Competition is about being better than you were yesterday – your only competition is yourself.

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As dedicated parents, you will value our deep commitment to personal growth and the invaluable lessons your children learn through the spirit of competition. Witness the remarkable transformation in your child’s confidence, skills, and passion for a variety of sports.