Our Beliefs


are Awesome

We know that through the lens of sports, students can learn resilience, teamwork, leadership, discipline, strategic decision making, and more.

Life Skills
Through Sports

We believe a sports-focused path is invaluable to the development of our students, paving the way for success in both academics and life.


Fuels Success

Sportsmanship is ingrained in our culture and methods, and both wins and losses provide opportunities to champion strong skills and foundations. To us, failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of it.

No Teachers,

Just Game Changers

Our innovative approach allows students to receive personalized guidance and encouragement from our coaches.


All the Bases

We champion the philosophy that a broad foundation in physical education is superior to early specialization in one sport


You vs. You

Competition is about being better than you were yesterday – your only competition is yourself.

Welcome to Lake Travis Sports Academy in Texas, a first-of-its-kind school built to fuel K-8 students’ love for sports. By completing core academics in the morning, we free up afternoons for dedicated training, giving your child the gift of time to pursue their passions. This unique method motivates them to embrace their studies and excel through their favorite sports. It’s the perfect program for nurturing both their academic and athletic development.

Sports Academy Playbook

Our 3 Commitments

Love School

1:1 Learning plans ensure that students are able to experience a limitless learning environment, sparking curiosity, joy, and a love for school.


Learn 2x

Through our 2hr Learning model, using an AI Tutor and adaptive learning apps in place of academic teachers, students are able to learn 2x more in just 2 hours.


Learn Life Skills

Students spend freed-up afternoons training and learning skills that allow them to excel in both athletics and life.


2 Hours to Learn, 4 to Triumph

Harnesses the power of AI

Sports Academy’s 2hr Learning model harnesses the power of AI technology to provide each student with 1:1 learning, accelerating mastery and allowing excellence on and off the field. 

Morning: 2-Hour Accelerated Mastery

Students complete subjects in just 2 hours daily. This well-organized schedule allows for mastery and growth, with students grasping material 2-5x faster.

Afternoon: Sports Training

With 4 additional hours freed up a day, students are able to develop life skills and dig deep into their training and coaching, honing into their athletic strength.

Standard School







6 Hours Sitting in Class

Sports Academy







2hr Learning

Life Skills & Athletic Development Workshops

No Teachers, Just Game Changers

At Sports Academy, we’ve replaced traditional teachers with dedicated coaches who guide students in athletics and academics. These coaches aren’t just about sports; they provide motivation, emotional support, and mentorship, focusing on making a positive impact in students’ lives. This innovative approach allows students to receive personalized guidance and encouragement, helping them excel on the field and beyond.

Dominating the Field

Standard School

Sports Academy

Athletic Institutions

Importance of
Physical Education


Focus only on grades, leaving phys-ed and athletics as an afterthought.

Athletic Development

By engaging in core studies and varying athletic pursuits, we create well rounded, versatile athletes.

Elite Athleticism

Athletic focus creates students with narrow expertise in one sport and see core studies as secondary to athletic pursuits.


Students vs. Average

Lack of motivation to be better keeps students comfortable with mediocrity.

Students vs. Themselves

Students are only in competition with themselves and focus on being better than they were previously.

Students vs. Top

Striving to only beat the best reinforces the limiting belief that winning is everything.

Stance on Sport


Sports are an afterthought and not an integral part of the school schedule.


Through the lens of sports, students learn teamwork, leadership, discipline, and more.


Sports above all else  – academics and life skills are not seen as important.



Students see physical education as mandatory and unimportant.


Students build character and traits that help them become well-rounded and  successful beyond the game.


Athletic pursuits are valued more than anything else, producing one dimensional  students.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Our promise to you

Your child will learn 2x as much as in standard school

Standard School

Sports Academy

Your child will improve on FitnessGram’s cardio and strength tests by at least 20%