July 27 & 28

Do you have a child aged 5-13 who loves sports? Here’s an incredibly fun way to bring out their inner champion in sports and life skills!

Join us at the ultimate All-Star Sports Clinic, a one-day camp for a taste of greatness — skills, drills, and athlete insights included. Meet sports legends and learn from the best.

It’s time to elevate, exceed, excel.


The countdown has begun, and spots are filling up fast! 


Score big with the All-Star Clinic and unleash your potential in our top-tier sports programs!

Gear up for our one-day camp, where you’ll tackle drills, dribble through skills, and gain athletic insights straight from the pros. Be ready for the game, both on and off the field!

Check out our exciting Schedule!

Opening Ceremonies
Goal Setting Workshop
Group Warmup
Breakout Sessions
Recovery and Q&A
Prizes and Rewards Session

Why Sports Academy?

Sports are Awesome

We know that through the lens of sports, students can learn resilience, teamwork, leadership, discipline, strategic decision making, and more.

Life Skills
Through Sports

We believe a sports-focused path is invaluable to the development of our students, paving the way for success in both academics and life.

Failure Fuels Success

Sportsmanship is ingrained in our culture and methods, and both wins and losses provide opportunities to champion strong skills and foundations. To us, failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of it.

No Teachers,
Just Game Changers

Our innovative approach allows students to receive personalized guidance and encouragement from our coaches.

All the Bases

We champion the philosophy that a broad foundation in physical education is superior to early specialization in one sport


You vs. You

Competition is about being better than you were yesterday – your only competition is yourself.

We know kids love us, but here’s why parents choose us.

As dedicated parents, you will value our deep commitment to personal growth and the invaluable lessons your children learn through the spirit of competition. Witness the remarkable transformation in your child’s confidence, skills, and passion for a variety of sports. Our clinic goes beyond mere gameplay; it’s a foundation for lifelong health, activity, and cherished memories that last a lifetime.